Ministry of Magic I.D. Card- (Free Printable)

Did you lose your Ministry of Magic I.D. Card? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.

Simply download, print, fill in, cut, glue, and staple.

What you’ll need:

Purple Card stock

White paper



Picture of you


Stamp pad

*If you don’t want to fill in the information by hand you can use Adobe Reader to type in your info.


Directions for using Adobe Reader to fill in

Outside Cover

Back Side of I.D.

Front Side of I.D.

I hope you enjoy,

All downloads on this page are for personal use only, they are no to be re-distributed, altered or re-sold in any way. And please always link back to my page when sharing


18 thoughts on “Ministry of Magic I.D. Card- (Free Printable)

Add yours

  1. The outside cover is plain white in the file whereas it’s purple in the picture, is there anyway I can edit the background color of the file?


    1. Im sorry, I just noticed your message. It’s white so you can use purple paper, instead of wasting a ton of ink. unfortunately there isn’t a way to edit it.


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